Website Installs

Items offered for installing on your website

Included on all sites:

  • Premium backup program* with scheduled backups to Server it can be attached to your google drive account for a cloud backup. I install this on all websites for your protection
  • Security Setting*, using a program I setup various security points to help keep the bots and hackers out of your site.
  • Responsive Design* so it will work great for Desktops, Tablets and Phones, with Googles new search rules this will help keep your rankings higher than those that don’t have a responsive design.
  • Malware Scan*: Will check your site through multiply Malware scanning sites

Optional if needed:

  • Gallery Plug-In/Slider premium* gallery, album and slider plug-in.
  • Contact Page: with as many entry boxes as you need.
  • User Submitted Photos: Running a art, fan or archival site you can have people submit their own photos with info, you can select for photos to auto post or approve before posting
  • Social Media Posting: Direct postings to Facebook, linkedin, and Twitter
  • e-Newsletter: sign up for your e newsletters from the site

*I have a lifetime membership you won’t have to pay to keep it up to date.

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